SmartBots Platform

SmartBots is an AI/ML based intelligence platform that enables enterprises to build, test, train and manage BOTs seamlessly.

The SmartBots platform helps enterprises to build conversational user interfaces, chatbots and virtual assistants for a variety of use cases. It offers several modules that heavy lifts most of the complex BOT building functionalities and needs. The platform offers pre-built templates, enterprise connector configuration capabilities, and omnichannel integration features. The SmartML and SmartAI modules ensure enterprise specific language learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Channel Connectors

The platform offers standard connectors to deploy bots across multiple channels web, facebook, skype etc. There are disparities in the way each channel accepts connections, user inputs, responses, errors and exceptions resulting in huge development and maintenance time.

The SmartConnector framework abstracts channel interfaces and offers features such as authorization control, response formatting for the channel, and channel connectivity. It reduces the deployment time as well as maintenance time helping developers focus on the most important aspects of BOT building.

System Integration Framework

Seamless integrations to enterprise systems are essential to make bot more effective and to engage the users by providing access to enterprise data. The SmartBots platform offers an extensible system integration framework to connect with modern cloud-based data systems, on-premise enterprise systems, and custom data repositories.

The framework offers mechanisms to setup authorization, API resources, and mapping API parameter data to the bots domain model. The APIs can be invoked during the conversation flow, the information fetched from and updated in the enterprise systems can be used to maintain more contextual and intelligent conversations.

Context Handling

Context handling enables bot to carry human-like conversations and is central to the SmartBots platform architecture. SmartBots platform’s Smart state machine helps maintain the context of the conversation and allows the developers to define and manage appropriate conversation flows. The platform supports multiple levels of contextual parameters(Enterprise, Session and Bot level) to ensure conversation flows are orchestrated as per the enterprise requirements. The enterprise rules and bot rules are applied to the data collected from the user and the enterprise systems to create intelligent bots that are context aware.

The Smart state machine coupled with Smart analyst templates provides the ability to provide recommendations to the user based on the user interactions with the bot.

Live Agent Handoff

The platform allows a bot to hand off a conversation, based on context to human agents. Context, in this instance, is used to route the existing conversation to the appropriate agent, including a complete history of the conversation. The human agent receives these messages, directly within their live chat software. The user can communicate with the live person in the same thread and channel they used to chat with the bot, ensuring a seamless transition from virtual to the human agent.

The Platform has proven integrations with Salesforce LiveAgent and can also easily integrate with other live chat solutions.

User Roles & Permissions

SmartBots platform offers fine-grained access control through built-in role-based and multi-user management functionality. Access to training, analytics, channel setup, system integration, and bot building modules are restricted based on roles. The access control can be integrated with the enterprise’s identity and access management solutions. The bot's run time access permissions to the end users also can be restricted through the integration of identity access management modules.


The platform is hosted on Amazon AWS cloud and meets high availability configuration requirements across all components of the platform. All the components across the architecture have built-in redundancy, load balancing, and auto-scaling features.

BOT Training

Each domain and enterprise has its own set of vocabulary and style of communication. SmartBots in-built language model has vocabulary developed for each domain and enterprise-specific vocabulary can be incorporated during the initial bot building process. However, people communicate in different styles using different phrases and words.

The training module helps to start listening to what users are saying and to train the bot using the data. With the training module, developers, specialists and business analysts can evaluate all conversation logs and understand the failure scenarios. The learning engine can be custom trained with domain and enterprise- specific vocabulary and necessary changes to the bot can be made to fulfill the user expectations.

Analytics & Insights

The platform offers a central dashboard to gain insights into bot adoption across channels. Administrators will have real-time visibility into bot metrics such as the number of users, number of interactions, top functions accessed, fulfilled and failed scenarios and help understand the user expectations. The detailed analytics provide an overview of the bot performance, availability, usage and behavioral patterns of the user.

Rich Presentation

Engaging user experiences are the backbone of any application. SmartBots platform provides the capability to deliver rich interfaces within the conversational bots in the form of images, videos, graphs, tables, buttons and selection options.

Security & Compliance

Data security is a key consideration for any enterprise and follows strictest guidelines and policies to protect the enterprise data. All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit using the latest encryption technologies and methods. Encryption keys are rotated periodically and the platform offers enterprise administrators to maintain their own keys. Integrated system authentication coupled with built-in user access controls ensures that the platform is accessible only to the identified users.

The platform is hosted in fully compliant cloud environments and protected for threats and vulnerabilities in accordance with the latest standards. I.e HTTPS over Transit Layer Security (TLS) using AES 256 standards.

BOT Building Process

1 Discover

  • Identify the target audience
  • Gather business requirements for the bot
  • Identify deployment channels and backend systems

2 Build

  • Add skills to the bot that define what tasks it can perform
  • Design and develop business flows and conversations

3 Integrate

  • Integrate deployment channels
  • Setup authentication and resources to integrate backend enterprise systems

4 Test

  • Test the bot through the platform chat interface
  • Train and improve the bot with enterprise vocabulary

5 Deploy

  • Build the bot
  • Publish the bot to configured enterprise channels such as Web, Slack, Skype.

6 Manage

  • Train the bot to adapt to enterprise language & environment.
  • Monitor and optimize BOT performance using advanced analytics.

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