AI-Powered Chatbots for Support and Service Teams

Sep 30, 2019 | Blog

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In today’s experience economy, businesses are expected to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, employees, and all other stakeholders. One of the central aspects of experiences is interaction with different stakeholders in providing timely and effective support services, query resolution, and so on.

Challenges in the Support Function

Large volumes of service tickets and queries flood the support centers of businesses. However, businesses cannot afford to employ enough executives in their support/ call centers to handle every query and service request in real-time. This often leads to a backlog of support tickets and long waiting time (even days) for customers/employees to get even simple queries answered.

From the support executives’ point of view, the voluminous queries and support requests are often repetitive, and for issues that do not require their skills or expertise, causing high levels of disengagement and directly reflecting on the quality of interaction and services provided.

When the interactions in the support function are ineffective, incoherent, and broken, they will drive down the level of satisfaction and experience. They erode the brand image and reputation.

Applications of AI in the Support Function

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of conversational bots are equipping businesses with an effective solution to the above-mentioned challenges in the support function. The AI-powered Customer Support Chatbot developed by SmartBots is making it possible to engage with different stakeholders in human-like, meaningful, personalized, two-way conversations at scale over text and voice interfaces.

Here are the Uses and Use Cases of the Support Bots:

Instant and Frictionless Query Resolution: Using Support Bots, businesses can instantly, seamlessly, and effectively resolve voluminous queries. AI-powered Support Bots are equipped with Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), automation capabilities, sentiment, and predictive analytics capabilities, context handlers, thinking engines, etc. which are enabling them to have natural conversations with the users based on their inputs. These intelligent bots access the rich knowledge base of the enterprise (FAQs, enterprise information, etc.) and other contextual data (user chat history, available user information, etc.) to provide personalized responses in the enterprise language to the user.

Live Agent Support: The Support Bots seamlessly hands off the conversations to the live agents along with the full conversation history and contextual data when faced with complex queries and support requests that they are not equipped to handle. The number of queries that go to live agents is immensely reduced and only complex queries and requests that require their skills and expertise go to them; the bots close simple and repetitive queries by themselves.

Effective Ticket Management: Support Bots enable users to create tickets for support, complaints, service, etc. by collecting relevant information from them. These intuitive bots segregate and classify the tickets and route them to the right agent for the tickets to be addressed quickly and efficiently. They also enable users to track and monitor the status of the tickets raised.

Capture and Analyze Support Data: With Support Bots, data about the support services provided, queries received, etc. can be captured and analyzed to streamline the different functions, products, and activities of the business, including the support function itself.

Support Bots can be applied to automate, streamline and craft effective conversations with different stakeholders:

  • Customers: Crafting rich, cohesive, and seamless interactive experiences, enabling a better understanding of the brand, product/ service, and instant query resolution in place of traditional FAQs, contact forms, and calls.
  • Employees: Enabling a deeper understanding of the product/ service, company policies, etc. during On-boarding, training, and development programs.
  • Partners: Enabling access to relevant data on the company’s latest endeavors, policy information, and so on.

Benefits of Support Bots:

  • Support Bots developed by SmartBots are fully customizable in terms of use cases, features, etc. to meet the unique needs and for the unique context of the business.
  • They can be integrated seamlessly with different enterprise systems and across multiple platforms (internal portals and apps, mobile apps, social media, websites, etc.).
  • They can be deployed round-the-clock to efficiently resolve queries and offer support services at scale in multiple languages.
  • They reduce the response time, enhance the accuracy and quality of conversations and help craft rich experiences for users.
  • They help minimize the repetitive tasks and grunt work performed by support executives and enable them to focus on the big picture.
  • By utilizing fewer enterprise resources, they help businesses minimize costs on the support function and improve the value derived.

If you are looking for implementing chatbots, SmartBots can be your trusted partner. SmartBots helps enterprises to develop, deploy and manage custom chatbots that match organization-specific workflows and functions.

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