Experience the power of Amazon Q for your Enterprise Operations.


SmartBots specializes in implementing Amazon Q solutions for your Enterprise use cases. Amazon Q seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise systems and helps you automate tasks, enhance productivity, and deliver actionable insights from structured and unstructured data.

How Amazon Q can empower your Enterprise Teams?

Amazon Q Business

Provide Amazon Q-powered Business assistant to your employees to help them access Enterprise knowledge from various enterprise systems, generate summaries, draft blogs and emails, and automate tasks.

Amazon Q Developer Agent

Accelerate software development life cycle, reduce bugs, and improve productivity with Amazon Q developer assistant.  Amazon Q developer assistant is your developer companion and works with JetBrains and Visual Studio IDE’s.

Amazon Q BI Assistant

Enable your business users to derive insights from data using natural language quickly. Provide unparalleled self-serve experience to analysts, and power users and help them explore and discover hidden insights from the data.

Amazon Q Custom Agents

Develop and deploy Amazon Q generative AI-powered custom agents for various departments across the organization. These custom AI assistants help optimize workflows and drive productivity within each area.

Benefits of Amazon Q

Enhanced Productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities.

Improved Efficiency

Real-time AI assistance accelerates development processes and ensures high-quality outputs.

Faster Decision Making

Accessible enterprise knowledge empowers enterprise users to make faster decisions.

Reimagine your Enterprise Search solution with Amazon Q

Leverage the power of Amazon Q in-built connectors, role and security governance features, and LLM-powered capabilities to help enterprise users get answers to their questions faster from your enterprise knowledge sources.

Natural Language Queries

Extensive Integration Toolset

Role Based Access

Security and Compliance.

How SmartBots can help you get started with Amazon Q?

Amazon Q Evaluation and Assessment

Our consultants will help you evaluate your use cases for Amazon Q implementation. At the end of the assessment, we will provide you a list of prioritized use cases, tools and software required, and an implementation roadmap.

Amazon Q Implementation

From use case discovery to customized web interface deployment, we will implement the Amazon Q for your various use cases. We will configure the Amazon Q app, configure integrations, roles, and security, and deploy a customized web interface for your organization.

Amazon Q POC

Our fast-track POC program helps you get started with Amazon Q in less than 4 weeks. We will implement Amazon Q for your specific use case, integrate the required systems, and help you evaluate the results.

Amazon Q Custom Agent Development

Leveraging Amazon Q apps, we will develop Custom agents for your bespoke enterprise use cases.

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