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What’s new ?

AI Hallucinations in control

Confidence Scoring and Verification

The studio uses confidence scoring and verification mechanisms to assess response reliability, and real-time fact-checking to ensure accuracy.

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Loop

With continuous monitoring and user feedback, we constantly enhance the algorithms to tackle hallucination challenges.

AI Document Search

Advanced Document Search

The documents are processed using advanced techniques like langchain, Textplitter, and OpenAIembeddings, which enable the creation of word vectors and the organization of documents in a high-dimensional vector space called Chroma. The ConversationalRetrievalChain class is utilized to handle search queries and provide relevant responses based on the document content.

Conversational Document Search

Users can interact on chat to retrieve correct and contextual answers answered by the chatbot about the documents uploaded. With this quick and easy solution, users don’t have to spend time reading through long documents or trying to remember them.

What’s in it for you?

Saves your time

With the new upgrades users get an elevated customer experience and saves time for users and the company.

User-friendly bot creation

With new upgrades, users can easily create bots using the user-friendly Studio UI and perform basic training.

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