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Enabling our customers’ success is at the core of everything we do. We are all about creating groundbreaking technologies and focusing on developing solutions that bridge gaps in experience.

Our innovative offerings empower organizations to understand and engage with human conversations, emotions, and sentiments, ultimately providing unparalleled customer experiences.

Transform your business with SmartBots

With over 100+ man years of development behind it, SmartBots studio is built to deliver the best possible outcomes for your enterprise. We have extensive expertise in AI/ML, particularly in designing niche conversational systems that tailor your unique business needs. Our feedback-based approach and no-code platform ensure continuous improvement, enabling you to leverage the power of conversational AI with ease.

Tailor-made Solutions across industries


Seamless omnichannel banking and contextual banking


Personalized & automated insurance agent


Automate the complete shopping experience


Automate support through IVR and troubleshooting FAQs


Provide travel assistance anytime, anywhere


Answer health queries and manage appointments


While Maya started as a chat BOT that answers redundant questions, over a period of time, the scope of Maya grew. With integration across enterprise systems and self-learning (machine learning) from usage, Maya makes it simple for the field force to access critical business insights. With most commercial chatbots, failures are not handled well, but with Maya, any unanswered query gets logged as a ticket with our employee helpdesk. The unique differentiator is that Maya gets continuously trained on failed questions and is able to answer such questions going forward, thus making it an intuitive technology.

Director, Business Effectiveness of a large pharma company

It all started 3 years back when while doing fieldwork, it dawned on us that a Medical representative has lots of information, but it’s all in his head, and it is very cumbersome to feed it into a system.

Enter MAGGIE, an Alexa for Our hard-working front end.

2 years of development work, understanding accents, building intelligent reports, and finally, last year Maggie went live. Now information giving and getting is instinctive and only a voice away.

If you want a report, just ask Maggie .. you want to file something, just tell Maggie.
And decision-making was never easier.

CEO at top Indian Pharma Company