About client

A global healthcare technology giant that creates breakthrough products – in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals. It has been named the global Industry Leader in Healthcare Equipment and Supplies for six consecutive years for strong environmental, economic, social performance.

Business Challenges

A global healthcare technology giant has 1000+ websites to manage. Each of the website’s dashboards has numerous KPIs such as SEO, user engagement, technical quality, customer satisfaction, etc. that provide all sorts of data, charts and insights. The complexity of these dashboards and the plethora of KPIs made deriving insights from the abundance of data, a costly process in terms of time, effort and money. As a result, the top management was unable to leverage data or insights in an effective and timely manner which, in turn, hampered the decision-making process. The organisation needed a solution to reduce the time, money and hassle costs involved in obtaining the requisite data, information and key metrics and promote faster, more effective decisions regarding website performance. They engaged us to develop a comprehensive solution to address all these challenges. We implemented a Smart BOT with chat and voice interface that was equipped with state-of- the-art technical features that included:

  • Smart learning abilities
  • Thinking engine
  • Context handler
  • Multi-channel interaction abilities

These features enabled the BOT to seamlessly interact with users in natural language and instantaneously answer their questions on website KPIs such as search, SEO, website traffic, quality, engagement, etc. All the users needed to do was, just ask! The BOT also made suggestions for improvement and even highlighted a specific metric to look out for based on its smart learning and business thinking abilities. For instance, if the SEO score was only 3 out of 10, the BOT pointed out key problem areas to look out for. This way, the management and other stakeholders involved in maintaining website performance were able to immediately take course-corrective actions. Being equipped with deep learning abilities, the BI BOT can also be trained to be a data assistant for performance reporting and predicting trends, provide meeting or task reminders, to be a conversational, competitive BI tool and a conversational voice of the business at key events.

In totality, these features of the BOT lead to several short- term and long-term benefits for the business. Firstly, the employees and the management were freed from the drudgery of low-value, high-volume tasks in extracting website performance information and insights. This, in turn, improved their productivity and the speed, ease and efficiency of the decision-making process and enhanced the promptness and swiftness of actions to improve the customer engagement on websites. Improvements in customer engagement helped in creating enhanced, high- performing websites, driving more traffic to websites and enhanced conversions for the business.


With our voice-enabled Business Intelligence BOT, the users need not directly engage with the dashboards. Instead, they can get smart, instantaneous and personalized reports, insights and predictions on website KPIs and answers to any number of queries by simply asking the BOT.


  • Time taken to derive insights from data reduced to seconds.
  • Hassle costs to manually unearth insights reduced by 3x times.
  • The predictions and insights were personalized for every user.
  • The BOT made intelligent and specific suggestions for improvement in required areas.
  • Improved productivity, speed, ease and efficiency of the decision-making process.
  • Improved customer engagement on websites.
  • More traffic to websites and enhanced conversions for the business.