Dynamic SmartBot for contact center success

Automate agent assistance with SmartBots to increase resolution rates and supercharge your CX.

Reduce Churn 24/7 Availability Increase Revenue Improve CSAT

Make every

agent the best agent

Fast query resolution

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduced agent attrition

Real-time agent training



Allow agents to respond quickly to your customer needs with expert guidance for every simple or complex customer problem.


Customer Conversations

With SmartBots, personalized conversations with empathetic understanding come as first nature to assist your agents in empathizing with the right way to solve your customer’s needs.


Call Summary

Don’t dwell on what happened; focus on the future- this is a mantra you can get behind with SmartBots agent assistance. Your agents can quickly wrap calls as conversations can be automatically summarized.

Case Study

Improve your Average Handle Time by 40%

With SmartBots chatbot solutions, a global BPO has enabled intelligent responses alongside its workforce. Our solution helped them streamline their customer service automation through conversational AI. This impacted faster response rates resulting in an improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

List of features

We’ve got you covered

Embedded on your desktop

Enterprise CRM & back-end integration

IVR integration

Real-time transcription

Conversational Insights

Process builder


Agent Assist

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Get started on converting agent frustrations to productive resolutions. Talk to our experts on how SmartBots assists your agents to elevate CX.