AWS Conversational AI Solutions

Custom Conversational AI Solutions architectured by a team of experienced AWS experts.

Reduce Churn 24/7 Availability Increase Revenue Improve CSAT

AWS Conversational AI Solutions

Our Conversational AI experts will work with your business leaders to design an Conversational AI solution aligned with your business goals and use case discovery, to realize the full potential of Conversational AI across your business using powerful, purpose-built solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Contact us to learn more about implementing Conversational AI solutions leveraging AWS services.

SmartBots Conversational Studio

The SmartBots conversational studio is our custom ML product that helps design and manage Amazon Lex chat and voice bots. The studio abstracts all the components of AI/ML and integration logic using Amazon Lex and Lambda, that are part of virtual assistant building.

Proven expertise in AWS AI/ML Services

Our ML experts are AWS certified individuals who are well-versed in AWS AI/ML services, including Amazon SageMaker, Lex, Lambda, Polly. Our team has a collective of 40+ years of experience with Artificial Intelligence. Our intelligent virtual assistant solutions scale up to handle millions of sessions per month. We have built customized bots since 2015 for many industries and use cases. Our experts have co-authored multiple blogs on building conversational experiences for use cases across multiple industries, using Amazon Lex, in partnership with the Amazon Lex team.

Multiple AWS Certifications and Accreditations

Amazon Lex Expertise

We have demonstrated strong command over Amazon Lex service and implemented multiple solutions using Lex. This video showcases how we were able to quickly come up to speed with Amazon Lex V2 and how best to utilize the new features.

Case Study

How SmartBots reduced insight gathering cost by 3X?

With SmartBots chatbot solutions, a global tech company has enabled intelligent responses to help their field force. Our solution automated sales insights through conversational AI. This resulted in a 3x cost reduction in insight gathering, enabling faster decision-making processes for the company.

Amazon Lex use cases

Financial Services

Quickly deploy sophisticated conversational experiences on secure…


Accelerate delivery of engaging conversational experiences for ….


Deliver personalized conversational experiences across a range of…


Enable natural conversational experiences on a secure and…


Expedite delivery of seamless connected experiences to…

Smart Sales

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Get started on empowering your field force with actionable information. Talk to our experts on how SmartBots automates and improves enterprise sales.