Conversational AI That Transforms Customer Service

With Omnichannel SmartBots solutions increase resolution rates & supercharge your customer satisfaction scores.

Reduce Churn 24/7 Availability Increase Revenue Improve CSAT

Create a

Future-proof Digital Customer Journey

Improve operational efficiency

Save customer servicing cost

Reduce business response time

Increase in upsell revenue

Automate customer support interaction

100 + customer journeys realized with SmartBots

Our Industry Skill library is a repository of standardized, pre-built & reusable conversational experiences to allow for the rapid deployment of virtual agents. Each customer journey includes

Pre-Built Conversation Flows

Trained With Utterances

Pre-Validated With Our SMEs

Multi-Language & Dialect

Automate customer support

Provide Customer Service Anytime, Anywhere to your customers by integrating with your channels of choice.

Seamless Business Process Integrations

Integrate all business processes seamlessly with API token connects for personalized customer support.

All you have to do is –

’Just Ask’

With Alexa-like interface, do more than just a typical bot interaction.

All your customers have to do is ask their questions and get them answered instantly by our SmartBots.

Click on the video to watch how this works.

Scalable. Stable. Secure

SmartBots is an industry-agnostic provider of scalable, stable, and secure conversational AI solutions.


Seamless omnichannel banking and contextual banking


Personalized & automated insurance agent


Automate the complete shopping experience


Automate support through IVR and troubleshooting FAQs


Provide travel assistance anytime, anywhere


Answer health queries and manage appointments

Case Study

Improve your Average Handle Time by 40%

Our solution at a global BPO streamlined customer service automation through conversational AI. This impacted faster response rates resulting in an improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

Smart Customer

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