SmartBots empowers enterprises to drive seamless & impactful conversations with their employees, customers & partners.

We help enterprises cut through the clutter of multiple data silos, multiple systems with different interfaces & complex technology integrations and prepare them to communicate and engage with next generation workforce and customers.

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Machines can now See, Think and Talk

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What can SmartBots do for you?

Speak Enterprise Language

SmartBots enterprise specific NLP lets you customize the conversation and personality of the bot and make the bot speak organization specific language, naturally and intuitively.

Provide Business Insights

Improved data capture, real time access to the data, coupled with AI helps enterprises with instant business insights.

Learn and Train

The SmartBots Machine Learning module ensures the bot is constantly learning from its experience and trains itself to keep performing better.

Connect to Enterprise Systems

Seamlessly integrate the bot with your enterprise systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Create profound customer experience through high-value interactions amplifying your brand & accelerating growth.

Boost Productivity

Digitize operations without affecting underlying systems, helping you achieve organizational efficiencies.

SmartBots Platform

Develop, Deploy, Test and Manage bots in your enterprise ecosystem.

Tap into knowledge repository (Salesforce,SAP,Oracle, etc.) from various channels like Skype, Slack, Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Mobile App or your own messaging application.

Smartbots Platform

Transform your Enterprise

with Intelligent Conversational Bots

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